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CHUG Fall 2018

Please join us at the CHUG Fall Conference in Nashville, November 8th to 10th.

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Now more than ever before, Healthcare organizations need data. Not presented in the same old way, we need meaningful analytics with comprehensive actionable data that drives transformation. Providers and care teams need as much information as possible and limits to this puts patients at risk.

Healthcare is rapidly becoming a consumer driven market, Healthcare organizations can no longer sit back and run business as usual. Access to information at the right time and in the right format is critical to successfully managing population health and risk under value based care.

Care coordination, gaps in care, active analytics, designee alerts and patient proxies, using data to ensure that no person falls through the cracks. Become data savvy, be prepared to compete with simple, intuitive, usable population health analytics and optimize data effectively for the people who matter the most: our patients.

Keynote Speaker Announced!

Soma Stout, MD

Soma Stout, MD has dedicated her career to improving health, well-being and equity; she has led a whole system transformation of leadership and care delivery achieving breakthrough results in health outcomes and cost for a safety net population.

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